May Students of the Month Recognized

The May 22 Board of Education Meeting served as the setting for Board members to recognize students of the month. 

From Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School:

Delilah Shepler – Kindergarten 

A huge Taylor Swift fan, Delilah is sweet, conscientious, kind, humble, and funny, the complete opposite of “mean”, says her teacher, (who put some popular Taylor Swift songs in quotes). She has made amazing growth with decoding, blending, and reading words. She knows her numbers “all too well”. During independent work, she is resilient, refuses to give up, and is able  to “shake it off” when she makes mistakes. She never leaves a “blank space” in her work. Not in her teacher’s “wildest dreams” did she realize how Delilah’s  smile, work ethic, empathy, and positive energy would make kindergarten a better place for everyone.  Her teacher concludes that she is “ready for it”, meaning third grade. 

Spencer Wilson – Kindergarten

“Spencer is an absolute delight to have in Kindergarten,” says his teacher.  “Every morning I look forward to seeing Spencer come off the bus with his slicked back hair, leather jacket, and huge smile on his face.” Spencer is a hard-working student who showed tremendous growth throughout the school year, and is now one of the top performing students in all academic areas. He is kind, caring, and always willing to offer a helping hand. He has a huge heart and is always making sure everyone feels included. 

From Cuyahoga Heights Middle School: 

Ayden Jasany – Grade 6

Ayden has shown a great deal of growth over the course of the year, as well as the willingness to take on tough new challenges. His eagerness to learn and grow, his commitment to practicing, and his self-motivation have been very impressive and beyond his years.

Alijah Cruz – Grade 7

Alijah exemplifies respect in every aspect of his academic journey. He demonstrates a profound respect for his peers, teachers, and the school community. He consistently treats others with kindness and empathy. His genuine respect for inclusion helps to foster acceptance and understanding in our school.  

Brody Domzalski – Grade 8

Brody is finishing another outstanding year of middle school. He has consistently done very well in the classroom and is diligent when it comes to his grades. He has taken himself out of his comfort zone and has embraced some healthy, athletic risks. Due to his work ethic and coachability, he was one of the most improved players on the basketball team. Although a late addition to the track team, he and his teammates are having a great season. Brody is also very involved with the music department. 

From Cuyahoga Heights High School:

Hans Luenger — Grade 9

As a new student at Cuyahoga Heights High School, Hans has made a remarkable impact on our school community. He is a compassionate and enthusiastic individual who consistently brings joy to those around him. His laughter and energetic presence are a testament to his positive outlook on life. Hans has demonstrated exceptional growth and perseverance in adapting to our inclusive educational format. He strives to succeed in all he accomplishes and truly embodies a portrait of a Red Wolf student. 

Saviana Taylor – Grade 10 

Her geometry teacher says Saviana is an absolute rockstar in Geometry. She was recently absent for two days and copied all of her notes down while she was out and did all her makeup work before returning to school so she didn't miss a beat! She's a hard worker in class and always is on task. She answers questions and participates during the class lectures. 

Donny Raymond – Grade 11

Donny always puts forth effort in class and shows a willingness to help others. He makes an effort to work with other students, even though he isn’t the most confident with what we are doing in class. This demonstrates his commitment to figure things out together.  He is a great student and a good friend.

Amelia Klamert – Grade 12

Amelia has an amazing work ethic. She is very often the first to arrive at class and gets to work immediately. Her woodworking II teacher says that in his 12 years of teaching, Amelia is one of the most hardworking, diligent, and humble students he has taught, that she is always willing to “get her hands dirty”,  and that her attention to detail is very noticeable. Once Amelia has heard something she is able to grasp the concept and apply it to future projects. She is also respected and looked up to by her peers. She can often be found helping other students.