Congratulations to Students of the Month for May

Congratulations to Students of the Month for May

Cuyahoga Heights Schools recognized Students of the Month at the May 24 Board of Education meeting. In introducing the students at the meeting, their principals reiterated comments made by the students’ teachers.  

Students recognized from Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School:

  • Evelyn Leahy - Kindergarten
According to her teachers, “If Evie were a show on Netflix her descriptive words would be IMAGINATIVE…..CARING…. SOCIAL…. This year in Kindergarten Evie has consistently improved both socially and academically. She has developed trusting relationships with friends in class, while also helping friends in need. She has a playful personality and even recognizes and appreciates sarcasm. When activities get challenging, she seeks help from peers and teachers. Her effort and attitude put her on an exceptional trajectory at Cuyahoga Heights Schools!” 
  • Cody Kaliszewski - Kindergarten
Cody’s teacher says he was an absolute delight to have in the classroom. He arrived every day with a huge smile on his face ready to learn. “Cody is hard-working and pushes himself to do his best. He is a leader in the classroom, on the playground, and on the wrestling mat. He is kind, caring, and always willing to offer a helping hand. 

From Cuyahoga Heights Middle School:

  • NaKiya McGinnis - Grade 6
NaKiya was new this year and immediately stood out in the band, according to her teacher. Her one-year experience playing the flute enabled her to start playing without skipping a beat. “I've always been impressed by her maturity, quiet and steady leadership, and growth on her instrument,” her teacher stated. “She is capable of focusing on hard tasks in ways that are very difficult at her age, and it results in her being one of my go-to leaders in the band.” 
  • Chaz Check - Grade 7
According to one of his teachers, “Chaz is putting in the time and effort to make improvements in all his classes and his efforts have not gone unnoticed. He made choices that helped him continue to succeed.”  
  • Chance Apathy - Grade 8
One of Chance’s teachers stated that he came to class daily with a positive attitude and a willingness to help others. “We are excited to see what he will accomplish in high school,” said the teacher.

From Cuyahoga Heights High School:

  • Samantha Vallee - Grade 9

Sam is a diligent, hard-working student who often goes above and beyond expectations. She is a role model for her fellow students who cares about her involvement in academics, sports, and  her responsibilities as class secretary for the Student Council. She is flexible and willing to offer her time to complete class activities and competitions. For example, she stayed after school to organize boxes of chocolate for the freshman class fundraiser, helped decorate the Freshman Class Pillar in December, and volunteered to work at home to see other class projects through to fruition. She used her artistic talents to adorn a classroom door for the school wide decoration contest. She is polite, trustworthy, and always willing to help when needed. She is a self starter, a hard worker, and an excellent example of a well rounded student.  

  • Erin Deka - Grade 10
Erin is a kind, driven individual who builds up those around her.  She is dedicated to her studies. She has taken every opportunity to grow in Advanced Placement (AP) European History.  “I am incredibly proud of her grit and tenacity in mastering the skills and content in this college level class,” noted her teacher. “She is a positive force in class and in her participation in the Model United Nations extra curricular activity.”
  • Sophia Winslow - Grade 11 
“Sophia is a force to contend with,” said one of her teachers. “She embodies Cuyahoga Heights Schools' mission to enable students to reach new heights. She pushes herself academically with various AP and College Credit Plus courses; athletically, with the numerous sports in which she participates; and socially with the extracurricular activities in which she takes part.” She organized a clothing drive for Ukranians suffering from Russian aggression. This year, she was selected as an Outstanding Witness at a Mock Trial competition. Next school year, she will be a state officer with the Ohio Leadership Institute's Model United Nations Conference.  
  • Gia Barnes - Grade 12
Over the years, Gia has shown tremendous growth both academically and personally. She has grown to realize that she can achieve anything that she puts her mind to and has taken on the academic challenges of multiple AP classes. This year alone she took AP Government, Research, Psychology, and English Literature. She also has shown tremendous leadership as a member of the cheerleading squad and in continuing to advocate for issues that are important to her. She leaves us a mature young woman.