Two Students Recognized for Humanitarian Efforts

Cuyahoga Heights Eighth Grader Sean Strahan and Senior Bella Williams are recipients of this year’s Humanitarian Awards from the Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio.  Recipients are nominated by their respective school administrators for demonstrating leadership, performing community service, and exhibiting strength of character.  

Sean Strahan

According to his nomination form, Strahan is an unassuming young person who strives to do his best in the classroom. “He is an authentic, kind, and dependable young man. He is thoughtful and funny while chatting with his peers and is a positive partner while working on a group project. Easygoing and humble, he is receptive when receiving feedback. Sean is a coachable young person who ‘shows up’ for practice, as well as football games, wrestling matches, and track.” Strahan was awarded $500 from the ESC.

Bella Williams

Williams is always willing to lend a helping hand to a peer or teacher, said her nomination form. “She is a perennially positive person who lifts up those around her. It may be cliché to refer to someone as a “ray of sunshine”, but that description is the first thing that comes to mind when anyone thinks of her. On countless occasions over the past three years, she has gone out of her way to show kindness to others. Her smile is contagious, and she is always the first person to walk into her teacher’s classroom and ask how they are doing – and she genuinely wants to know. Even her hobbies center around her love of seeing other people happy.  She loves to bake, and it appears she most enjoys experimenting with and perfecting different recipes in order to share the finished product with others.” 

The Humanitarian Award is presented to one student from each middle and high school in the Cuyahoga Heights, Independence, and Richmond Heights’ Local Schools. Recipients receive a cash award as well as a personalized plaque, starfish pin, and starfish bookmark. The starfish is symbolized in a story that demonstrates the impact one person can make in life.  Williams was awarded $1,000 from the ESC.

Pictured:  Bella Williams with the ESC’s Steve Rogaski, director of Human Resources and Pupil Services. 

Pictured:  Sean Strahan (right) with the ESC’s Steve Rogaski, director of Human Resources and Pupil Services.