Board Recognizes Students of the Month for April

The Cuyahoga Heights Board of Education recognized the Students of the Month for April at their April 19 meeting. Nominated by their teachers and introduced by their principals were the following:  
From Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School:  
Caroline Thomas -- Grade Pre-K  
“Caroline is one of the kindest little girls we’ve ever had the pleasure of teaching,” said one of her teachers. “On top of being kind, Caroline puts tremendous effort into every classroom activity. She is the first to pick-up a fallen friend, or lend a hand if someone needs help. She is more than ready to make the big jump to kindergarten.”    
 Luka Emmert – Grade Pre-K  
“Luka has worked so hard to get where he is today and we are so impressed with him,” said one of his teachers. He comes in with a smile and great attitude  every day. Luka works hard on what we have planned for the day. He loves stories, dancing, going to technology, and especially playing with his friends! We are so proud of Luka and love having him in our class!”
From Cuyahoga Heights Middle School:  
Vanessa El Hachach  – Grade 6
Vanessa is being recognized for her honesty and humility. She is a hard worker who can be trusted handling tasks and leading her classmates with tasks that we did in Communications class.  Brooklyn Hawkins – Grade 7 Brooklyn is a stellar student who works hard in and out of the classroom. Grades are important to her. She consistently turns in quality work on time. She is honest and straightforward. She tells it like it is. We also appreciate her flashback Friday music choices for convocation.  
Eric Li – Grade 8  
Eric is very conscientious and is always trying to learn more. He comes to class with a positive attitude every day. He has accomplished a great deal in middle school and exhibits signs of a bright future. From Cuyahoga Heights High School.
Zander Tichy - Grade 9
Despite a challenging start to the school year, Zander is excelling.  He is quick to help other students in class, even going so far as to circulate the room to see who needs help. Zander has a sense of humor, and is compassionate and forgiving.  He is very deserving of this honor.
Joe Shay – Grade 10  
Joe always comes to class with a smile. He is a hard worker and his peers respect him. He is always participating in class discussions. If he has a different way of arriving at a certain solution, he clearly explains his line of thinking. His presence really helps enhance the class.
Francis Connors  – Grade 11
Francis is a rare breed of student who transcends the definitions of respect, humility, honor, and intrinsic motivation. Every day, he strives to become a better version of himself in the classroom, on the wrestling mat, in track and field, and on the gridiron. Even when this young man is injured, he is there to support his teammates in becoming better versions of themselves and will also take advantage of furthering his knowledge in his higher-level coursework. This includes AP Chemistry, AP Language Arts, and AP US History. He fully understands what many students do not–that you get what you put into your craft.  
Mia Kuzia – Grade 12  
Mia has an "can do" attitude and always gives her best in everything she does.  She has a great eye for photography and always finds creative ways to find images that evoke a smile. She is an engaged learner and asks questions that inspire classmates to dig deeper.