Board Recognizes Students of the Month

At the March 22 meeting, the Cuyahoga Heights Board of Education saluted nine students who were named Students of the Month for March. Nominated by their teachers and introduced at the meeting by their principals were the following:

From Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School: 

Alyssa Tosado-Grade 5

Alyssa was singled out for her many exceptional qualities. She is a kind person who is always smiling when she enters the room. She always comes to class prepared. She never complains or groans when work is assigned. Her teachers and friends know they can trust her to follow school rules even if others around her are not.

Sebastian (Sebass) Keith-Grade 5

Sebastian was chosen because  of his solid work ethic.  He comes to school every day with a positive attitude. He is unfazed by new challenges and maintains his infectious smile. He is a positive role model who cares about how others are treated. In class, he participates regularly and offers support to those around him. His grades are excellent and he is enjoying great success this year. 

From Cuyahoga Heights Middle School:  

Bentley Chamberlin-Grade 6

Grade 6Bentley’s favorite subject is social studies. He plans to participate in Red Wolves’ football, basketball, and track and strives to become a professional basketball player. According to one of his teachers, Bentley was singled out for his organizational skills, engagement in the classroom, and willingness to work. He understands the importance of leading by example. Other impressive qualities include confidence, self-discipline, pride, respect, and thoughtfulness towards others. 

Akzell Patz-Grade 7

His favorite subjects are history and English. He is also a member of the Drama Club, Orchestra, and the Electric Strings. Outside of school he is active in his boy scout troop (which is why he was unable to attend tonight’s meeting). Something others may not know about him is that he speaks German. According to one of his teachers, He is kind, polite, and a friend to all. He strives to do his best in class. He asks thoughtful questions and participates often. He does good work that is consistently completed on time. 

Avery Miller-Grade 8

Her favorite subject is reading. She is a member of the swim team and outside of school he performs at the 82nd Street Theater.  According to one of her teachers, Avery, who is new to the Cuyahoga Heights Schools this year, is resilient and has a positive attitude.  Her teachers encourage her to keep up the good work.  

From Cuyahoga Heights High School:

Jackie Chen-Grade 9

Her favorite subject is math.  She is a member of the soccer and swim teams and French Club. According to one of her teachers, Jackie is a star in Algebra 1.  She is always prepared for class, participates fully, and has scored very high on all assessments. She is a hard worker who continues to chip away at something until she meets success. Another teacher added that this year she took on a great deal of responsibility as secretary of the French Club and that she has become increasingly confident in class. 

Kaitlin Domzalski-Grade 10

Kaitlin’s favorite subject is math. She is a member of the fall and winter cheerleading teams and outside of school she enjoys hiking and playing the piano. Her future plans include working in a dental office. One of her teachers noted that she performs at a high level and comes to class prepared every day. She pushes herself and always puts for her best effort. She is always ready to contribute when called upon and is patient and kind when working with peers who need extra help.  Another teacher said she is attentive, turns in all work on time, has a great work ethic and positive attitude, and brings interesting insights to discussions. 

Anna Patterson- Grade 11

Her favorite subject in school is English and she is a member of the golf and track teams, ReCoup (Recycling Club), and marching band. Outside of school, she performs competitive dance. In ten years, she hopes to live somewhere in Europe. According to one of her teachers, she has shown tremendous initiative by taking on new challenges to better herself and contribute to the greater good of the community.  She pushes herself and always puts for her best effort. Through her volunteer work, she has demonstrated incomparable leadership skills. 

Bryce Navarra- Grade 12

His favorite subject is biology. He also attends Cuyahoga Valley Career Center and is enrolled in the Computer Programming and Software Development Program. He is a member of the art club and Business Professionals of America. Most recently he traveled to Columbus, Ohio to compete in the Business Professionals of America state competition where he and his partner's website design placed fourth in their category. He strives for a career in 3D Digital Animation and Creations. One of his teachers noted that Bryce works hard and goes above and beyond on every assignment. He is always polite to everyone and is willing to help whenever he can. 

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