Board of Education Recognizes February Students of the Month

The Cuyahoga Heights Board of Education recognized Students of the Month for February at the February 22 meeting.  Each student was presented with a certificate. 

Recognized from Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School were 

Cadence Wilson -- Grade 1

The first-grade team constantly sees Cadence spreading kindness around the school. When a friend needs someone to play with at recess, Cadence is the first person to invite them to play with her. If another student needs help, Cadence will help them problem-solve without being asked. If a friend is feeling sad, she will compliment them and help them feel better. She shows leadership in the classroom by putting her best foot forward and she always accepts challenges big and small. Even when things get hard, she pushes through. She is polite to her classmates and teachers and is always making others smile. 

Michael Beyer -- Grade 1

Michael has a huge heart! His smile lights up the room, and he brings a smile to all those he encounters throughout the day. He is funny and brings joy to others. Michael is selfless and caring. He is a friend to all and is always willing to lend a helping hand to any student or teacher in need. Michael is pleasant to be around and enjoyable to have in class. He is polite and treats everyone with respect and kindness. Michael perseveres on challenging tasks in the classroom and clearly recognizes the hard work he has done when he encounters success. The joy he feels from that success is contagious and he wants to share it with everyone. 

From Cuyahoga Heights Middle School:

Anthony Snyder -- Grade 6

His favorite subject is math and he plays basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. Both his mother and his aunt are Cuyahoga Heights alumni. One of his teachers wrote that  he “exemplifies responsibility everyday by the way he carries himself in physical education. He always brings the materials he needs to class and is prepared to participate. He tries hard in everything he does. He also takes responsibility with class equipment and shows a willingness to help other students perform better in class.”   

Ava Graewe – Grade 7

Her favorite subject is history. Outside of school she enjoys painting, sculpting, and riding horses. She would like to pursue her interests as an equestrian and become a riding instructor. She shows responsibility by taking ownership of her learning. She acknowledges that she holds the power to choose her attitude and mindset and comes to school every day with a positive focus. 

Sarah Weber – Grade 8

Her favorite subject is English and outside of school she participates in competitive dance. Her career goal is to become a crime scene investigator.  According to one of her teachers, she has shown responsibility both in and out of the classroom this year.  She comes to school every day with the materials and attitude needed to learn. Her positive attitude is consistently shown inside and outside the classroom.    

From Cuyahoga Heights High School:

Camden Connell – Grade 9

Camden’s favorite subjects are French and English. Camden is on the volleyball and bowling teams, is a member of the Drama Club, and is Vice President of the French Club having taken charge of the club’s social media. Camden plays the ukulele and has a career goal to become a counselor or therapist.  According to one of Camden’s teachers, Camden comes in every day and greets teachers with a friendly "salut!". From the moment Camden walks into the classroom, this student gives full attention, raising a hand to participate and practicing the language. Camden fully understands the best way to learn is by doing and exemplifies this each and every day. Camden not only cares about a grade, but cares about learning and is excited to absorb as much as possible. 

Arianna Rebello – Grade 10 

Two of her teachers wrote that Arianna has a great attitude and is an asset to the class. She has high expectations for herself and works hard to achieve her goals.  She has improved each quarter and sets an excellent example for her classmates.  She does not get discouraged easily.  She is a great role model for the other students in class.  

Lauren Kattler – Grade 11

Her favorite subject is Science and she wants to become a pediatric nurse. She is on the Cheerleading and track teams, Marching Band, Spanish Club, and National Honor Society, and last fall she was Captain of the Cross Country team. Outside of school, she is a Girls Scout and spends her free time volunteering, doing crafts, or running. Her father, uncles, aunt, and an older sibling are all district graduates.  According to one of Lauren’s teachers, she comes into the class everyday with a great attitude.  “She is friendly to everyone and lifts the spirits of the entire class.  She makes it easier for everyone to battle through a tough class which takes place towards the end of the school day.” 

 Sarah Youngless – Grade 12

Her favorite subject is science and she aspires to become a zoologist. She is a member of Spanish Club, Drama Club, Yearbook, Student Council, and National Honor Society. Interestingly enough, she knows the dewey decimal system as a result of working as a page at the Parma-Snow Library. Her teachers say she is an amazing asset to have in class. She helps others and always has a witty comment to make others laugh. Having had her three times in different classes, one of her teachers remarked that over time she “became one of my go-to students. She just keeps getting better and better each year – always at the top of the class, always straight A's, always cheerful and helpful, always making others laugh. She is truly a joy to have in class each day, and the kind of student whose absence is felt if she is not in class.” Another teacher wrote that Sarah has a stellar work ethic despite a challenging class load and an outside job. She is polite, has a kind demeanor, and demonstrates maturity.