Students Use Computers to Create Art

Kindergarten and first graders recently took a "field trip" to the school’s technology room where they worked on a special art project using the computer. “Artists often use technology to aid in the creation of their work,” said Technology Teacher Gary Miller. He showed the kindergartners how to use Google Drawings and the first-graders how to use Google Sheets to create their designs.

“The main purpose of this exercise was to show the students how art can be created digitally,” explained Miller. “The students were also introduced to programs they have not used previously.” Miller worked with Art Teacher Kelly Orlando to develop the lessons.  

Using Google Drawings, the kindergartners inserted and manipulated shapes by changing size and color to create an animal in the shape of a heart.  Meanwhile, the first graders used Google Sheets to learn about abstract art by using colors, lines, shapes, and textures to help represent an object. They created a collage in the style of the famous 1920s Dutch artist Piet Mondrian,  who is best known for using red, blue, yellow, white, and black squares, rectangles, and lines to represent different objects and feelings. Both grades created a black-and-white version of their work to color later to match what they did in class. Second and third graders also created artwork using the computer.  

All of the students’ computerized art creations will be on display during Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School’s Spring Family Game Night and Art Show on March 24 from 6-7:30 pm. at the school. The event is open to the public.