Students of the Month Recognized at October 19 Board Meeting

The October 19 Board meeting provided an occasion to recognize students of the month. Principals Joy Houchen (Cuyahoga Heights Elementary) and Scott DeTray (Cuyahoga Heights Middle and High) were pleased to introduce this month’s students.

From the Elementary School: 

Jackson Merbler (Grade 4)

“Jackson comes to school every day ready to learn. He always puts forth his best effort and perseveres through challenging work. He is a role model to his peers and is kind to others,” said Mrs. Houchen.  “He works well independently or in a group, and is responsible for completing all of his weekly assignments.” 

Macy Mercsak (Grade 4)

“Macy comes in every day with a smile and greets everyone with a spirited ‘hello’.  She is responsible and kind and sets a great example for her peers,” noted Mrs. Houchen.   “She always uses her manners, completes her work on time, and attends to tasks throughout the day.  She is quick to help others, whether that means picking up a spilled supply box or helping someone find a task card.  “She is sure to tell you goodbye and have a great day before she heads home.”

From the Middle School:

Remy Bell (Grade 6)

Remy is dedicated to his school work and is consistently prepared for class.His favorite subject is math and he plans to attend The Ohio State University to pursue a career involving mathematics. Outside of school he plays flag football and basketball for Brooklyn Heights Rec and looks forward to playing 7th/8th grade football next fall. He also enjoys playing video games, watching football, and playing football with his father.

Kyle Goines (Grade 7)

Kyle’s favorite class is physical education. He exemplifies the word ‘respect’. He treats people with kindness and is accepting of others. He listens and cooperates with his peers. Kyle consistently greets his teachers as he enters the classroom and always says "goodbye" or "have a nice day" as he exits. He plans to play basketball this winter for the Red Wolves. Outside of school he is a huge Cavs fan and aspires to play in the NBA (for the Cavs of course). 

Sean Strahan (Grade 8)

Sean’s favorite subject is science and his hard work has not gone unnoticed. He demonstrates a high level of respect for his school and community.  He greets both classmates and teachers daily as he walks into class. He is a member of the Red Wolf Wrestling Team. Outside of school he can be found playing video games like Minecraft and Call of Duty”. He hopes to become a software engineer someday. 

From the High School:

Anastasia Ratkosky (Grade 9)

Ana’s favorite subject is biology. She is attentive and participative in class and is always raising her hand to answer questions and contribute to class conversation. Even though Ana's French class is 1st period, she is prepared when the bell rings every day. She is a fantastic friend to her peers and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Ana is proving to be quick in acquiring the French language and her sheer desire to learn plays a huge part in this! She is a member of Student Council, Art Club, JV Volleyball, and Softball. Outside of school she performs on a competitive dance team and practices all styles of dance including: Tap, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. She and her dance team have won 5 national championships for dance

Kyle Porter (Grade 10)

Although his favorite subject is science, Kyle is a class leader in his math class.  He has shown the confidence to answer the tough questions in class discussions.  He has diligently completed all his class assignments. Kyle is also a three-sport athlete for the Red Wolves playing football, basketball, and baseball. Next year he plans to attend Cuyahoga Valley Career Center enrolled in the Fire and EMT program. He hopes someday to have a career working for the Valley View Fire Department.

Nick Novak (Grade 11)

Nick’s favorite subject is Art. He is an active participant in daily activities and asks great questions. He pushes himself creatively and isn't afraid to try new things as an artist. He is a positive role model in and out of the classroom. He is also a two-way starter on our football team and a member of the bowling and track teams. He was most recently named the Red Wolf Defensive Player of the Week for football.  He exemplifies what it means to be a well-rounded student. His career goal is to work as an electrician. 

Ava Peck (Grade 12)

Ava’s favorite subject is anatomy.  She is an extraordinary young woman. She was born in Italy and has lived all over the world, but still manages to fit in well in the small school community. She is observant, graceful, independent, and thoughtful. She works hard to understand what she's supposed to learn. Despite all of her gifts and talents, she is very humble. She is a member of the Yearbook and Spanish Clubs; the Golf, Bowling, and Track Teams; and is a majorette in the Marching Band.