Board of Education Recognizes Students of the Month for April and May

At the May 25 meeting, the Cuyahoga Heights Board of Education recognized Students of the Month for April and May. Each student in attendance received a certificate. 

April Students of the Month

Representing Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School (CHES) were pre-Kindergartners Elli Smith and Henry Nichols.

  • Elliana Smith (Pre-K) – According to school staff, Elli is kind, compassionate, loving, and helpful. She is always the first one to give a hug or have kind words for a friend who's feeling sad. Her passion and love for school are amazing. She is always excited to be at school and loves expressing her thoughts and feelings when called upon. Elli works hard each day no matter the task at hand. She is always eager to learn more and asks questions to gain more knowledge. “She is such a bright spot in the day and can always be counted upon to bring that energy, passion, and love into our classroom,” said Principal Joy Houchen.
  • Henry Nichols (Pre-K) –Henry is always engaged in learning from the time he arrives at school until he leaves at the end of the day. He is thoughtful and shares his creative ideas with friends and teachers daily.  He is always kind to others and works hard no matter the kind of activity.

Representing Cuyahoga Heights Middle School (CHMS) for April:

  • Josephine Ratkosky (Grade 6) – She demonstrates a commitment to learning on a daily basis, has a positive attitude, displays kindness to all, and is a truly positive role model. 
  • Addalyn Schmidt (Grade 7) – She is a stellar student who consistently strives to do the best in all of her classes. She is a well-respected, quiet leader who leads by example. Her peers are always looking to her for direction in tough situations.
  • Ella Baciak (Grade 8) – Ella was unable to attend the meeting and will be recognized next month.

Representing Cuyahoga Heights High School (CHHS) for April:

  • Anna Gawelek (Grade 9)  – She is a great asset to math class. She adds to the discussion and helps other students with their math problems. She is supportive and offers positive feedback to those students who previously didn’t understand something but have now learned an important concept. 
  • Francesca Ross (Grade 10) – Francesca is a well-rounded student who is an integral part of the classroom culture. She has a positive attitude and is involved in many clubs as well as marching band. Her work ethic is evident in everything she does at school. 
  • Noah Wilson (Grade 11) – Noah was unable to attend the meeting and will be recognized next month.. 
  • Jacob Artino (Grade 12) – He is diligent with his school work and actively participates in class. He is kind, helpful, and willing to put the feedback that he gets (in English class) into action.

May Students of the Month

Representing CHES Students of the Month for May are:

  • Amelia Walker (Kindergarten) –Amelia arrives every day at school with a huge smile on her face. Amelia is her classroom's biggest cheerleader. She is always celebrating her classmate's work or telling them how proud she is of them. Amelia is full of energy and spunk. Her classroom is full of Amelia’s beautiful singing voice and awesome dance moves. She is respectful and caring. Her kindness is truly contagious in the classroom. 
  • Austin Henry (Kindergarten) –Austin makes kindergarten a better place every day! He is a talented young man with enormous potential. Hehas an outstanding work ethic that exceeds expectations daily when he arrives focused, driven, and prepared to work to his full potential. His creativity shines in the writer's workshop and his problem-solving abilities in math. He is a classroom leader with strong communication skills and a wonderful sense of humor (which was on display during April Fool's Day when he pulled numerous pranks after, of course, asking for permission beforehand). He is conscientious, consistently kind to friend,s and helpful. He is respectful and polite to both adults and his peers. His smiles light up the classroom. 

Representing CHMS as Students of the Month for May are:

  • Brody Mahoney (Grade 6) – He was not able to attend the meeting and will be recognized next month.
  • Madeline Loconti (Grade 6) – She has an outstanding academic record and a strong enthusiasm for learning. She consistently shows appreciation for her education. 
  • Jayden Lamont (Grade 7) – Jayden is super involved in class and activities all through the school year and throughout the school. She is a respectful, well-rounded student who understands how to be a team player.
  • Savannah Peck (Grade 8) -- She is a true asset to CHMS.  She comes to class every day with a smile on her face. She is a kind-hearted student who is always willing to help others. She puts forward her best efforts in class on a daily basis.

Representing CHHS as Students of the Month for May are:

  • Anna Stepka (Grade 9 — She is a kind person who greets others with a smile.She is developing into a self-confident, motivated student who makes good decisions and takes risks in art class. 
  • Bradyn Rusch (Grade 10) – He was not able to attend the meeting and will be recognized next month.
  • Janasia Bridges (Grade 11) –  She was not able to attend the meeting and will be recognized next month. 
  • Nicholas Mihal (Grade 12) – He is thoughtful and respectful to everyone in the classroom. He knows how and when to ask questions.  He is self-aware and willing to accept constructive criticism. When he puts his mind to something, he gets it done.